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Carving out me time to self soothe

So, first things first I found that creating boundaries around how I spent time has really helped to shape my day and rejuvenate my need for togetherness. Carving self-soothing time for me, is about slowing down and doing what my soul longs for the following things are a way of taking cosmic breadths for me and a first step to bringing myself back to my body. Self-soothing especially first thing in the morning to breathe and connect to the universe through prayer and meditation or time spent for me late afternoon cooking alone & providing nourishment for my family (my only real creating endeavour and certainly top 3 in love languages for me) or time for me to tuck in to my favourite Netflix series or a good book or an amazing podcast is exactly what I need to feel like me again. Any one of these activities well planned during the day fill my cup so that when I return to my partnership I can take in our connection and savour our togetherness.

How do you self soothe? How do you refill you cup so that you can?

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