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Naming the feeling & riding the wave

Secondly, I find that when I give myself permission to name what I am feeling, somehow this helps regulate me, it really helps me realize how little I can control rather than my reactions to what happens to me.  Stay away from using the big buzz words like depressed or anxious when you answer the question which you must ask yourself every day, sometimes more than once a day – How am I really feeling? Name it very simply – for example

I am Sad for the loss of the world as I knew it, like the routine of listening to connecting with my daughter whilst listening to Anele & her crowd on The Breakfast Show – how light it made me feel, , the Seattle Coffee experience how connected to other coffee lovers whom I do not know. I felt, routine of listening to podcasts in traffic – I now realize that these pauses in my day gave me a deep sense of space to prepare for the next activity and indeed a sense of stable predictability.

I allow myself to feel where in my body that feeling of aliveness, I allow it to move through me, because it is valid and it must be named, not in relation to what anyone else is going through but what I am going through, no evaluation, no judgment. Just naming what I feel. You see emotions need motion. Sometimes there is more than one emotion, I get them to line up and then feel them one by one, as if they are in a queue waiting for their turn to be ridden like a wave. And when you allow the feeling to happen and not fight or deny what you feel in your bodies this will empower you.  It will help you touch that which is human in you, normalize you, calm you, and move you towards acceptance of what is.

 How are you feeling really and truly?

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