Building Relationship to Thrive

This programme aims at turning relationships into resources. The main focus is to build supportive structures within participant’s relationships, and to provide practical tips on how to nourish family relationships in order to thrive in life.

Participants will learn how to build, how to nourish and how to use relationships with self, partner, friends, and family as supportive structures in the time of COVID-19.

Key Benefits

The expected outcome is to help participants access supportive systems available to them during uncertain and unprecedented times. It is also to help them manage the overwhelming emotions of lockdown.

The focus is to improve overall relationships which are essential for life. The workshop will also assist participants to build confidence with knowledge and acknowledgement of what is common in these difficult times. Being more connected to friends, family, partners, and others can clear your head and boost your mood. Building our connections with people, instead of withdrawing, can change our thoughts and feelings for the better.