Integrating Home Work and Play Series

This programme is aimed at helping people to understand the impact of Covid-19 at an individual level, and to help participants to give themselves permission to receive the support and skills to deal with the Covid pandemic.

Covid-19 is more than a global challenge. It presents challenges to individuals,  families, and the society at large.  There is a ripple effect of challenges for parents and caregivers. The focus of this programme is therefore on the parent or caregiver.

Key Benefits

The expected outcome of this programme is for parents/caregivers to explore the real challenges during these times, and to understand their capabilities, as well as to explore how to find support in the right places. Participants will develop skills to deepen connections and quality time with children of all ages, while building a network of support with like-minded parents.

The programme will focus on helping parents live an authentic and connected life, which can assist them to avoid mental health challenges further on in life.