The Space Between Us has developed a mental health platform that is clinically led, employs organisational diagnosis and provides psycho education tools to assist Human Capital to manage their employees mental health. Investing in mental health is an investment in productivity.

According to Michael Page, the key role of Human Capital is to educate managers and the workforce at large about mental health. Most of the stigma around mental health exists because of misunderstandings, misrepresentation, and misinformation. So in order to create a safer environment for people who are struggling with mental health, Human Capital needs to educate employees about non-judgmental phrasing. A stigma-free way to discuss mental health.

The best way to provide the appropriate response is for Human Capital to recognize that only mental health practitioners can treat and diagnose mental health disorders. The HR department can therefore play a supportive role by providing resources to employees, such as assessments, workshops, e-tools and Work From Home programs.