Benefits of Couple’s Therapy

The Key benefits that couples can and have reaped from Therapy are: –

  • Bringing positivity and safety back into your relationship
  • By so doing reconnection and rekindling of the mutual respect is able to happen
  • Learning to be the safest partner possible to be able to give and receive love and therefore creating space for connection to grow
  • Discovering new communication skills to redirect the negative energy from arguments to create passion and stability in the enhanced relationship.
  • Equipping yourself with tools for re-romanticizing your relationship to re-establish the passion that you remember from your past together.

Approach to Therapy

The primary therapeutic model used is Imago Therapy which is interspersed with cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic, and solutions focused therapy. This approach helps a couple understand the unconscious forces that attract you to your partner which are also the source of conflict. My role is to guide the process, keep the area between you safe and share my knowledge. Your role is to talk to each other, do the homework agreed to and commit to the full course of treatment.

In order to focus our work and produce the desired results, I require a minimum 90 day commitment. In these three months we will schedule a minimum of six (6) sessions of 90 minutes long. At session 6 we can decide as a collective whether to proceed or not. The maximum sessions we may need beyond the six sessions can vary up to 18 session’s dependant on the work we all agree is required.  The frequency of sessions varies from weekly to biweekly and is dependent on what the couple presents with in the session. In between sessions you will be required to practice new ways of engaging and to do your homework.